Other Voices

The topic of this blog has struck a chord with other bloggers and the conversation expands in compelling, new directions almost daily. As I find new posts, I'll add them to the list below as a kind of repository, a reference library for the expanding viewpoints on a sense of place. [Newest on top]

Words Into Bytes: M Sinclair Stevens explains how growing up an Army brat taught her to carry her sense of place with her wherever goes though it has led, she says, to a "certain inconstancy in my character."

Texas Trifles: Cowtown Pattie writes beautifully of the home of her grandfather-in-law, Uncle Zeb, his love of his homestead and her rescue of his magnificent rose bush.

Blogging in Paris: Claude, astonishingly, lived in the same Paris flat from childhood until about five years ago. She says she is only now beginning to feel a new sense of place.

Ambivablog: amba writes of the "mysterious healing and sustaining" power of her family's home in Florida where the clan has gathered periodically for half a century.

My Mom's Blog: Millie Garfield talks about how things have changed and continue to do so at her apartment complex as the residents have aged over the years she's lived there.

Kyrielle: Laura talks about her strong attachment to northwest Oregon (where I grew up), and even liking the rain, as I do, and she makes an interesting point about feeling displaced while painting and renovations are underway in a home.

The Cassandra Pages: Contemplating leaving a rural home of 30 years for something more urban, Cassandra finds that she must learn that place is not a house, but the people in it.

otherplans: A former New Yorker explains how the city and her neighborhood have changed since she was a kid.

In and Out of Confidence": Tamar, who has moved frequently, crossing continents and oceans, finds sense of self in her sense of place.

This Too: Jean discusses how elusive a sense of place can be in a world where we all may be lost souls.

Panchromatica: Ian's search for a new sense of place parallels my own.

Approaching Glory: Lillium lovingly explains how the extent of her mother's sense of place, after a stroke, has become the safety and security of her home.

In and Out of Confidence: Tamar was provoked by the phrase, a sense of place, to some lovely thoughts about her father.

Steve’s 2 Cents: How Steve is coming now to understand his in-laws’ reluctance to move to a smaller, more convenient home.

Always Question: AQ's love of the Smoky Mountains and why he will return there.

ambivablog: amba ruminates on Americans’ essential rootlessness and tells an excellent story about the importance of place to her Romanian mother-in-law.

Small Beer: Deejay explains why he decided to stay where he already lived when he retired.

Plumbing the Deeps: Recalling the meanings of places Julie has lived in the past.

otherplans: Why Pat does not feel a sense of place.