What a Difference a Year Makes
Silver Threads - 4/9/06

Turning 65 - The Morning After

category_bug_journal2.gif Well, now, my blogosphere friends, what a glorious celebration you made my 65th birthday. Ecards, blog postings and email poured into my inbox all day. It was a 24-hour, non-stop, fabulous, surprise party, and I didn’t stop smiling all day. I’m a bit hung over from it all this morning.

Except for Cowtown Pattie and Millie Garfield who, I am told, organized this bash, I won’t mention names because I would be mortified to leave out anyone. You’ll have to find out for yourselves (through the comment links on yesterday’s post) the astonishing variety of thoughtfulness and creativity in all the blog posts about my birthday: videos and photographs and images and word decorations of all kinds that closely suit each of your personalities and sensibilities.

Others of you, like me, have a stronger connection to words than pictures. Your generosity is overwhelming and you made me cry - in the warmest, fuzziest, best, good way. If I am half what you say, it is enough to hold me unto the grave.

And to those of you who can do pictures and words so magnificently - well, that’s just not fair.

It’s two years since I dipped my toe into the blogosphere with Time Goes By. We didn’t know one another then and now we do. That is the magic of blogging. Let’s give a big hand to the unnamed people who invented blogging software and services that make it easy for us to form such extraordinary communities among ourselves.

We sit at our screens tapping our keyboards, some half a world away, and we matter to each other. We listen and tell our stories, share our pleasures and concerns, teach and learn, laugh and love and cry - the last sometimes in sorrow and others, as I did yesterday, in joy.

Thank you all for making my 65th birthday the most special one I can remember.


You are welcome, though I didn't do much. My 65th birthday was special also, due to family and local friends - but made even more so by the many blogger friends who send greetings and e-cards. It is a wonderful world we find ourselves in, no matter what is raging outside our doors!

As usual, I didn't follow instructions, so if you didn't visit yesterday, strut on over, Ms. Aries. I think you're facing into a very good year.

I am 57 and relish each day. You are a joy Ronni ! :)

I think everyone had a wonderful time at the party. I know I enjoyed the whole day. I want to send specal thanks Millie for dreaming up the scheme and Steve and Pattie for helping us all do our own little part. Gracias!

Bask in the afterglow Ronni and take something for that hangover.

Reading your "Morning After" post made me " Cry in the warmest, fuzziest, best good way."

What you wrote today was just how I felt when you and the blogosphere honored me on my 80th birthday.

Aren't we lucky!

Happy to have the opportunity to put in my 2 cents and 5 lines worth. I'd never miss a good party and am thankful to Cowtown Pattie for alerting me to this one.

You are now on my must read list and eventually on my sorely-in-need-of-updating blogroll. I especially love Crabby Old Lady and hope that your move from the Big Crabapple won't diminish her tartness.

Ronni, you surely deserved every moment of it. What goes round ...


Yes, you deserved every minute of it and I think all of us enjoyed this!

Ronni, If you hadn't had this auspicious birthday, I might not have found my way to your blog. I plan to be a regular reader. I wish you a belated birthday and great joy in the coming year. I'm a few years ahead of you in life - I'll turn 70 on 20 April. But I feel more youth and vigor (at least in spirit) now than ever before: new adventures learning photography, a new awareness of my environment through my photography, and an increasingly wider world to enjoy and savor through the incredible blogging community. Cheers to you and all fellow bloggers!

You deserved everything. I had a good time at the party and kept coming back for more all through the day. I look forward to what you will share with us in the coming year.

I suspect you'll feel the "warm and fuzzies" for a while after this one Ronni. What a beautiful show of love and admiration for you....truly a memory-maker. -Joy

Happy Belated Birthday dear Ronni! Gosh you have been through so much the last six years and you so deserve some peace and tranquility in your new home in beautiful Portland. Happy 65th!! - Melinda

Happy Birthday Ronni. I enjoyed reading the previous post. Thanks for sharing.

Did anyone sing the Beatle song "when I'm 64" to you?

I'm glad you are still "high" or maybe a little hung over to boot, on the 65th birthday plus one day. Glad you enjoyed the surprise that Patty and Millie set up. The blogosphere is a wondrous thing.

Happy happy belated birthday Ronnie!

I 'heard' it was your birthday over at The Joy of Six. Happy belated 65th birthday Ronni.

Heard it was your birthday at Claude's place then at Frank Paynter's place then somewhere else and then finally came over. You obviously don't need more friends (you have plenty!) and I really came out of curiousity.

You are already having a good 65th year and some of us are glad you had a birthday so that we could discover your place, or rediscover it. And there is no hush today, they are still saying Happy Birthday to Ronni.

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