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An ElderBlogger and the Media

category_bug_journal2.gif Many years ago, I got a fortune cookie that was either so funny or so metaphysically profound that I've kept it taped to my desk ever since to give me, depending on my mood, a giggle or a reminder of the bigger picture:

"Time is nature's way of making sure everything doesn't happen all at once."

Today nature failed in that task. The media, in relation to Time Goes By, has come together all on the same day.

The Baltimore Sun Blography
If you follow media news, you know that mainstream newspapers are struggling. With circulation dropping and advertising dollars migrating to the internet, the business side is scrambling to cut costs. Buyouts are offered, bureaus are closed, reporters are fired, even the size of the newsprint is trimmed.

Smart managers and executives are working overtime to figure out how to include their publications in the new digital media world. One of them is The Baltimore Sun where multimedia editor, John Lindner, among his other responsibilities, posts a weekly podcast, Blography, in which he interviews bloggers.

And yes, this week John allowed me, in my first podcast, to bloviate with him about Time Goes By, elderblogging and blogging in general. [When I lamented to John that I choke on the word retired and need something else to describe what I do these days, he suggested “international bloviator” on all things related to aging.

Hah! I love it. It’s a whole lot better than “retired” and we settled too on describing John as an “international bloviator facilitator.”

The Blography podcasts are available on The Baltimore Sun website in MP3 format which, when you click on the link, should open Windows Media Player. Here is the direct link to the Time Goes By podcast.

John interviews a wide variety of bloggers – well-known and not – and I hear tell that Doc Searls will appear in a week or two, so you might want to subscribe to the Blography feed.

Retirement Living TV Today
A few weeks ago, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to record two programs with Retirement Living TV. The first, titled Silver Surfers, airs today on “The Daily Apple” show, and there are several ways you can see it.

  1. Comcast subscribers in the Middle Atlantic and New England states can watch on Channel CN8 at 3PM eastern time.
  2. DirecTV subscribers can see the show on channel 238 at 12 noon and at 3PM eastern time.
  3. Anyone can watch at 3PM eastern time at and at

You’ll miss it if you can’t watch at those times, but in the not too distant future, Retirement Living TV will be archiving past shows for viewing on their website at any time.

Retirement Living TV on 26 December
On the day after Christmas, “The Daily Apple” will broadcast a entire program on elderblogging which, in addition to me, features Millie Garfield of My Mom’s Blog, Mort Reichek of Octogenarian and Susan Harris of Takoma Gardener.

I’ll tell you more about that on 26 December along with some backstage photos I took while I was there.


Congratulations, Ronni! How exciting this all is. "International bloviator" sounds perfect!

I love the term "International bloviator"! Plus it suits you so well!
Looking forward to seeign the show and on my way to the podcast

Congrats!Ronnie...I don't think that this "title" is more apt for anyone else!

The podcast was superb. Well done, well spoken, you're a fine standard bearer for us. Congratulations!

The podcast is great! You really crammed as much info. as possible into the time-frame. Good work.

I had never seen Retirement Living but put it on today and enjoyed the show. You presented your issues well, very articulate, humorous, and warm. Came off great

Hi Ronni -

As you know, we were thrilled that you could join us for these episode tapings and we look forward to working with you a lot over the coming months and years as we launch our new show that deals with seniors issues and advocacy for senior causes. Your appearance on the Daily Apple was wonderful and your insights are always welcome. Have a great Holiday and we will speak at the beginning of the year.

- Matt Borten
Executive Producer
Retirement Living Television

You are such a rock star! Retired, my eye. Keep inspiring us, please! :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing your behind the scenes pictures! I update the Daily Apple blog - check it out sometime.

Just saw an article in the international herald trib about pilots being allowed to fly commercial planes although over 60...and the first elder commercial pilot, an israeli, landing on U.S soil this week. There is apparently an old American union regulation about age, but check it out.
Heard your did well!

Ronni--Hearty congratulations for your varied activities. Take fun wherever you can find it!!

Diamond--Perhaps I'm miss-reading your comment; but, for those who don't realize it, the retirement age for airline pilots is set by federal regulation--not by union rules.

Heard the podcast -- you are very articulate. You make the points I want to hear made about elderblogging, so hope you will have many more opportunities to be a spokesperson.

Saw the show - you're our star!

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