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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Community Theater Story

By Ronni Prior of Rants By Ronni

In community theater, one frequently sees people outside of their normal context. The first time I did The Odd Couple - Female Version, it was with the short-lived Hutto Players.

We were performing it as dinner theater and the restaurant had no space we could use to change clothes. However, there was a bakery a couple of doors down the street that allowed us to use their place. So, when we had finished a scene, we ran out the back door of the restaurant, down the alley, and into the bakery.

Only trouble was that the bakery had an automatic lock on the back door which meant that somebody had to sit right by the door to let people in who were frequently in a tearing hurry. The night of the dress rehearsal, we hadn't quite figured this out yet.

There is a place in the second act where Olive had a quick change. Running two doors down the alley, changing clothes and running back caused some stress.

I was sitting in the bakery waiting for a cue when there came a horrendous pounding on the back door. I ran to open it, but nobody was there. The actress was flying down the alley, stripping as she went. I scrambled back to the front just in time to see the door fly open and the actress rushed in, shirt off, dragging off her jeans en route.

She was, to put it mildly, upset. "Gawd damn it!" she said. "The fucking door was locked!" and looked up to meet the eye of the actor playing Manolo. He was sitting there with his jaw on the floor.

He was the minister at her church.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: As of this writing (Sunday 24 June), there are two stories in the queue for next week. If you would like to see this blog continue, please consider sending in a story contribution.]

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I bet she was as red as a beet! I would have been.

She was! So was I! And the look on the minister's face was absolutely priceless. He never did another community theater show, as far as I know.

I love these trials of theatre stories, having done some community stuff myself, but never heard one quite like this. Now, that's real dedication to the art, running two business places away to change costumes. Too bad about the minister, but he needed to know all about his parishoners to better serve them. ;-)

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