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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day 2007 Again

All my life, I have believed Father’s Day occurs on the second Sunday in June and so, last Sunday there appeared here a special story for Father’s Day. Much to my surprise, I discovered later last week that Father’s Day is, instead, today.

When did that happen? Have I been wrong all my life? How did I ever get cards and gifts to my dad on the right day if I’ve been mistaken all these 66 years? And funnier, not one of you mentioned in the comments last week that I got the day wrong.

So let’s start over. Happy Father’s Day everyone and here are three "father stories" previously published at The Elder Storytelling Place to celebrate:

Little Girl Lost
Rowing the Boat of Life
The Apparel Oft Proclaims

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Ronni, I always thought it was the second Sunday in June, too. I didn't find out about this 'error' until trying to coordinate plans with my sons this year and they informed me I was one week early.

Who is going to complain when they get a card or a gift? I'd go along with anybody's mixed up calendar if they were honoring me!

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