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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Teenage Trials

By Jo Ann of Along The Way

A story came to the forefront recently, relative to the activities of my children when they were young, living at home, actually teenagers. I am absolutely amazed sometimes when I hear what was going on right under my nose and I never knew.

The story to which I was treated has to do with spiders. Seems my daughter had quite an aversion to them and despite our best efforts, a variety of spiders in various shapes and sizes appeared from time to time in the bathroom she shared with her younger brother.

The spiders came in small to large sizes with thick furry to filament thin legs, some short, some long, some even with very, very long appendages.

Seems they appeared only one at a time when she would be up early getting ready for work. On those occasions she would go into the bathroom and find one of the creatures in the corner of her shower. She was thwarted from engaging in any further personal care until the spider was made aware he/she did not belong there.

Now, there was no way my daughter was going to explain the situation to the spider. Her solution, she reported, was to awaken her brother to come to the rescue. According to her, he grumbled, groused and groaned, but dutifully crawled out of bed in his sleep sweats, had the necessary interaction with the spider, which ultimately vacated that spot in the corner of the shower, either willingly or unwillingly. I prefer not to think about the disposition of the unwilling.

As to where they came from, why they kept coming periodically, I can only speculate about an explanation. I think there must have been some sort of spider communication system.

I'm sure there must have been a precipitating event caused when the first spider ever was banned from the shower. Maybe a protest was organized, or more simply, the word spread among the arachnoids about the interesting experience they would have if they could somehow manage to get into that one specific bathroom in our house.

I rather imagine the event was billed as an extreme sport – for spiders - one of those real-life, once-in-a-lifetime, exciting, dangerous, risky-to-the-point of being life-threatening, challenging experiences that could change a life forever. What self-respecting spider would pass up an opportunity like that? None of which I know. Well, come to think of it, I don't know too many.

I can just picture those spiders lined up outside, wherever that crevice was that they managed to come through into the house. I wonder if an entrepreneur spider sold admission tickets, if tickets could be bought in advance? Did reservations have to be made? Did ticket purchasers receive perks that make any special event and attraction? Did this event have equal appeal to both males and females, or was this just a macho-type activity? I think it's unlikely that I will ever have the answers to those questions.

I do have one answer though. I now understand why, after my daughter had left the house for work at a really early A.M. hour, there were occasional mornings when my son just could not be easily awakened to "rise and shine." He would hardly open his eyes, instead he would cling to his bed as though he could not bear to be parted from it, all the while protesting about his need for sleep.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: As of this writing (Sunday 24 June), there are two stories in the queue for next week. If you would like to see this blog continue, please consider sending in a story contribution.]

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Spiders in the shower before breakfast--pretty unnerving! And, what a very nice son you seem to have!

I can imagine this spider eradication experience made your son feel like a real "He Man"


My son would have been the one putting the spiders in the shower....LOL

I have to commiserate with your daughter Jo Ann. I'm not fond of the creepy crawlies either....certainly NOT in the shower...EWWW! Unfortunately I don't have someone else to come to my rescue....it's up to me to lecture and remove these intruders. Your son was a darn good brother...poor little sleepy guy.

I imagine that the spiders who actually made it to your shower were very good looking and had the fuzziest of fur and the finest and thinnest twelve legs you could find anywhere. That is if you are correct in assuming that there was an entrepreneur spider who controlled who got in and who was left standing behind the rope on the sidewalk outside of your house.
I really enjoyed the story and can just picture your daughter's scream when she first spied the spider in the shower. EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

As a distinguished elder who was big brother to 2 sisters, I can tell you without hesitation that the big brother did it.

Glad to know so many enjoyed my spider story. I have another spider story associated with my big brother, but it's rather commonplace compared to this one.

Thanks for your comments and to Ronni for this place. Hope we get in some more stories, maybe from some who want to give story writing a try, as I've been doing.

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