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Ronni With Playmate

An Aunt Edith Story


Edith at age 80

[1975] After I moved from Portland to Sausalito with Mom when I was 14, Aunt Edith and I wrote many letters to one another. She loved me unconditionally and I felt safe telling her everything.

When I visited in 1981, she handed me a large manilla envelope saying I was old enough to have these now. It was every letter I’d sent her, in order, through 25 years. Of all the gifts she gave me, this is the most precious.


av_producer @ 2003-10-01 said:
The gift of memories. What wonderful foresight on her part.

ribena @ 2003-10-01 said:
She is so beautiful.

zinetv @ 2003-10-01 said:
Aunt Edith must have been truly a one of kind. There aren’t many people like her anymore.

setya @ 2003-10-02 said:
I have many letters that my grandmother wrote to me. I cherish them.


Your Aunt Edith would have made anyone proud to have her as family or friend. It's wonderful that you appreciated her as much as she appreciated you.

Your story reminded me of my (maternal) grandmother. A Bengali who lost her husband shortly after my mother was born, she kept a diary in her younger days where she wrote down verses from Wordsworth, Tennyson and other poets -- both English and Bengali (this was early 20th century, she only had a high school education, never went to college.) I was so amazed when I first saw the diary after her death. My sister, who's younger than me, got the diary. She will certainly take better care of it.

Hey Ronni!

I miss you on fotolog! I will be visiting a friend in NYC for 9 days starting next Friday and will take some time to do the Bleecker Street tour according to your recommendations. I can't wait.

I like your blog. You really have an amazing way with words and photos.

Take care,

-Rachel (jamsue)

When my mother died, I found that she too had kept every single letter I had written. I so love those photos of your aunt Edith. She looks wonderful.

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