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For Tamar, From Oliver

category_bug_oliver Yesterday, Tamar of In and Out of Confidence asked how I feel about all this: the moving, the not moving yet, moving again. No, not now. Maybe soon…

Are you surprised I know about that, Tamar? I know you guys think a cat snoozes all day in between trips to the food bowl and a few gallops around the house, but I keep up with you all. I do it at night. Don’t forget, I’m only three generations removed from nocturnal hunting in the tall grasses of the African plains.

So how do I feel about all this? IT SUCKS, Tamar. Take the past two weeks, for instance. Two days before Thanksgiving, Ronni hauled me over to Uncle Alex’s place. Don’t get me wrong, Uncle Alex is a nice guy and I can tell he appreciates a cat like me, but it’s not my house and he’s not Ronni - although he does have a big TV I like to watch lying on this sofa…


Even though Uncle Alex has thousands of DVDs and we watched one excellent documentary together about cats in Africa, Ronni left me there for NINE WHOLE DAYS, Tamar. Something about Ronni taking a trip to Pennsylvania and then another following right away to Maine. NINE WHOLE DAYS.

I finally get back to hearth and home where I prefer to stay, and one day later, she takes me off to see Doctor Mary Xanthos.


Now I like Doctor Mary as much as Uncle Alex. She's a nice lady and she’s very good at her job. I was there for my annual check up and shots and she’s so gentle that the only way I knew she was sticking a needle in me is that she said so – I didn’t feel a thing.

But let’s get back to this selling the house stuff. Put yourself in my place, being my size. How would you like it if you were having a nice nap in a cozy corner of the sofa or teasing your favorite toy out from under the refrigerator (great practice in case any real mice ever show up) and suddenly someone grabs you, stuffs you in a bag and zippers it up? Then – out of the house for an hour or two trapped in a travel bag.

Every other day or so this happens. I never know, when I get up in the morning, if I can have the whole, uninterrupted day to myself. And then, when I do get back home, there’s not a toy to be found anywhere. Ronni says potential buyers don’t want to see my stuff - my best smelly old sock, that fantastic-smelling leather glove and my favorite hunk of sheepskin, the one I like to throw in the air and leap for (I can jump as high as Ronni is tall) lying around where I keep them. And sometimes she forgets to give them back to me for awhile when we get home.

How would you like to live like that, Tamar? It’s not fair, not fair at all…

At least when I stayed with Uncle Alex, I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted in the middle of having a good bath.


That buyer Ronni told you about yesterday? The one who reneged on the deal? I’d like to scratch out his eyes – that’s how I feel, Tamar.


Oliver, you are the handsomest (that's probably not a real word - but I can neither be bothered to verify it, nor replace it with a "safe" / anodyne alternative) cat I think I've ever seen. Anyway, just remember that Ronni is undoubtedly feeling pretty upset just now - however annoyed you are at her continual disruption to your preferred routine, remember, she needs your love and attention just now - to reassure her that this *will* turn out for the best - and hopefully soon!

Dear Ollie,
Thanks so much for this letter. My Molly and Ada jumped up by my computer so excited to read your story this morning. You see, last year at exactly this time, they had to move from Buffalo to Philadelphia so they have a tiny bit of understanding about what you are going through.

But your experience takes the cake, Ollie! Molly looked at me as if to say that she would not have been able to put up with the horrific time you are having.

Nine days is an awful long time to be away and as for having to go to Mary Xanthos in the midst of it all! I am speechless.

I am so sorry, Ollie - I bet you would like to scratch those folks' eyes out! Take comfort from Ronni and try and give her some as well because I am sure it isn't easy for Ronni either. She must have missed you so much when she was away from you. So, snuggle up to her when you can. Molly and Ada found that helped them a lot when they moved house.

You are so beautiful and clever Ollie.

Remember: this too shall pass.

All my love and thoughts,

Dear Oliver...I bet that felt good to get everything off your chest. You're a pretty cool cat.

Ciao for now...and meow!


Humphrey the Hamster here. Boy, do I know what you mean. Daily, I pouch my best treats, regurgitate them after masticating them to just the right consistency (for snacks later, you know...), and along comes the fall food-bringer and 'cleans' my cage out. The gall of him! Hang in there, Oliver...

Stop by my hangout sometime...


That photo of you slobbing out on the couch is unnervingly human, Ollie - you want to watch that tendency! Seriously, though, it all sounds very tedious and unsettlnig. My sympathies to both of you.

I have to say, Sir Oliver, that you are one gorgeous and patient cat! You must love your Ronni an awful lot. (From what I can tell, she's worth it.)

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