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The Ugly Excuses for Ageism

It takes Crabby Old Lady’s breath away how relentless bigots are in their ability to excuse their prejudices.

In a story titled “Why Language Matters” last May, Time Goes By pointed out an example of everyday ageism that would be minor enough to be overlooked except for the fact that such breaches of civility are repeated day in and day out in publications everywhere, which subtly reinforces the acceptability of ageist beliefs.

The example in May came from Ken Winell, CEO of Expert Collab quoted by InformationWeek reporter Paula Rooney. It read, in part:

“’Blogs and MySpace/social networking is the modern day community bulletin board,’ he said. ‘I expect to see kiosks for blogs at the senior centers that talk about shuffleboard and bad dinner theater any day now!’”
InformationWeek, 26 May 2006

Yesterday, on the same day that Crabby Old Lady upbraided some others for age prejudice, Mr. Winell responded [scroll down to near the bottom of the comments] that he was taken out of context and:

“…I think my quote on how instead of bulletin boards at assisted living facilities, community centers etc, will eventually change to electronic and social networking web sites, is accurate.”

Accurate? Certainly (although hardly a revelation), but it does not acknowledge the bigotry of the original quote. Elsewhere in his comment, Mr. Winell jams his foot further down his throat:

“This quote was not reflective of bigotry of older generations, in fact, what I was trying to get across was how technology permeates itself despite general opposition of persons to accept change.”

“…despite general opposition of persons to accept change”? Is Crabby Old Lady meant to understand from this response that elders not only have poor judgment regarding the quality of live theater, according to Mr. Winell, they oppose change?

He continues…

“The bad dinner theater comment may have been in bad taste…”

Bad taste?!? Bad taste is flocked wallpaper; the dinner theater comment is bigotry. No other point outweighs bigotry – ever - and bigotry in service to another point is gratuitous and demeaning and serious and unacceptable.


What a few days of rest will do to Crabby Old Lady!!!! ;)
Right on, Ronni! Don't let them abuse us elders!

Since you were not at the event and clearly haven't seen the videos, I'd encourage you to be careful with dragging someone's name through the mud in public.

err, wrong thread. Sorry.

He's apparently not too up on his technology, since his firm doesn't even seem to have a website.

Sigh. Guess he's resistant to change....

will crabby old lady make an appearance at blogher? as i read their website, i do not find sessions that specifically address issues of "women of a certain age." am i missing something?

I am 57 and enjoy being my age. There is prejudice against people of my age group, but I chalk it up to ignorance. Keep on speaking out Ronni!!!

Crabby Old Lady: yesterday I turned 71. I had my bike in for minor repairs and the young man who fixed it said, "No charge." I replied, "That's a nice birthday present." He responed with "Happy Birthday" and shook my hand. He didn't ask my age but I did offer, "And I do remember Pearl Harbor." (I was six.)
He suggested that WWII must have been a frightening time.
The Young man was in no way condescending. We had a great conversation - I learned much about him and he learned a good bit about me, including the fact that I work full time, ride regularly, have a bunch of kids twice his age spread across this country, and that I am almost a neighbor of his. He asked me to join him for a ride some evening.

I'll do that!

By the way, there is a lot of bad dinner theater - there is a lot of bad theater period!

Thank you for taking this on, for refusing to let it slide.

Way to go, Crabby Old Lady! If you don't bring it to their attention, they will never understand the error of their ways.

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