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Elderblogging on RLTV Today

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category_bug_journal2.gif It’s been a long weekend of festivities with another celebration due on Saturday, so you might need to rest up a bit. Here’s a chance to do that for an hour today while checking out Retirement Living Television’s take on ElderBlogging on The Daily Apple show.

The program features Millie Garfield of My Mom’s Blog, Mort Reichek of Octogenarian, Susan Harris of Takoma Gardener – and me. Like the show last week, there are three ways to watch:

  1. Comcast subscribers in the Middle Atlantic and New England states can watch on Channel CN8 at 3PM eastern time.
  2. DirecTV subscribers can see the show on channel 238 at 12 noon and at 3PM eastern time.
  3. Anyone can watch at 3PM eastern time at and at

You’ll miss it if you can’t watch at those times, but in the not too distant future, Retirement Living Television will archive past shows for viewing on their website at any time.

A field crew shot interviews with Millie, Mort and Susan in their homes. I went to Washington, D.C. for a studio interview with The Daily Apple host, Alexis Abramson.

It was the first time I had been in a television studio in a decade, and although I’m sure the backend technology has changed a lot in ten years, it was otherwise remarkably like every studio I’ve worked in and every show I produced for more than 25 years. I felt at home as soon as the production assistant met me in the lobby and walked me to the green room.

Luis This is Luis Blandon, the senior researcher at Retirement Living Television and the man who first called me about appearing on The Daily Apple. We spent so much time on the telephone and emailing after that first conversation that by the time I got to Washington, I felt like he was the good friend he has become.

Michelemarcello Next stop was the makeup room and the excellent ministrations of Michele Marcello who is charming and funny and an excellent makeup artist. She smoothed out all the blotchiness in my face and made me camera-ready if not as presentable as I’d like. Too bad she couldn’t do anything about my weight. I was astonished, watching last week’s show, how fat I am. I had no idea, and I wish I knew where that former 110-pound woman went.

And no, unfortunately that’s not television weight. It’s what I look like these days. Oh, well.

All those years producing television interviews, I coached hundreds, maybe thousands of people who were nervous about being on camera. I should know how to do this by now except that it’s one thing to coach, quite another to do – and I was surprised at nervous I was. I think it’s the difference, for me, between asking the questions, which is easy if you’ve done your homework, and answering someone else’s questions. I’m accustomed to controlling the interview - but not this time.

Studio time is expensive and as soon as Alexis had finished her sign-off, the crew started breaking down the The Daily Apple set and mounting another. I think it’s tradition that the staff - producers, director, writers, researchers, assistants, guests, etc. – does everything possible to subvert the crew’s work, standing around, getting in the way while talking down the show. That’s Luis again with executive producer, Matt Borten.


If you’re near a television set or your computer today at the times above, check out the show. It’s all about what we do - Elderblogging.


I will be working all day, and unable to see the show, for which I am disappointed.

Thanks for the links. I am able, I plan to watch, but things are still hectic around here.

Want to share this link, an article by Ruth Rendell about her account of aging. Old, Yes...

I discovered that channel while wrapping gifts this will try to remember to catch all of you blogebrities!

Well, I'll have to wait until it appears on their site! That's what you get from living in Paris ;)

I'll be able to catch this at or at 12 noon on the West Coast since we have a three hour time difference from your 3 p.m. eastern time. Think I'll even tell some friends across the country so they can watch, too.

Dang! I wish I could get it here! I hope somebody lets me know when the broadcast is available on the internet. (YouTube?)

I just now noticed you've added me to your links. Thank you very much.

I so enjoy your insightful posts, and not just because we share a nickname, either!

I just tried it here (12 noon Pacific) and got an interview with G. Gordon Liddy instead...what an unpleasant surprise!! ;)

Hmmm, and their programming guide is in this big 8-hour block, not broken down by show or topic.


That's why I loves me the Interwebs.

Just finished watching the "Retirement Living" interview via your link.

You certainly presented the elderblogging, aging concept ideas well, but then no one is better informed on the subject which is a factor in what keeps me coming back here.

Sorry I missed the show. I was taking a friend to the airport! Hopefully can see it when it is on the web site archive!

I posted the part my mom was in over on her blog.

I thought the program went over very well. I particularly appreciated your discussion on the virtues of blogging for old farts like me. It helped my wife understand why I spend as much time as I do on the computer. She thinks I'm just playing games.

Great show, Ronni! Anything else planned with these folks?

I learned so much from you interview on blogging today on TV. I have been very interested on what bloggers do and wanted to know how to "hook up" Thanks so much for all the helpful information and I have already locked your site in my Favorites and plan on reading you daily.

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